Launch Cafe Team

We founded the Launch Cafe because we felt the need of a workplace that inspires, where you can meet new people, where there are chances for your business and where you don’t need to sign a strangle contract, where everything is arranged and where it’s a pleasure to get your work done.

Launch Cafe Team


From left to right:

Koen Atema Founder
Chris Wouters Concierge
Pieter Nomden Bookkeeper
Niek Huizenga Founder
Ed ter Horst Concierge
Matthijs Smit Director

How it all started

Back in 2005 the forerunner of the Launch Cafe started: YEAH! Incubator located in the Mediacentrale in Groningen. Together with dozens of young (internet) companies we rented the fourth and fifth floor of the Mediacentrale. Caused by the shared lunch, open door policy and the friday afternoon socials it quickly became a close­knit group of entrepeneurs. In 2012 we moved to the Herestraat, there we further developed our concept and renamed it to Launch Café. In the first years after opening Intermediair Magazine has named the Launch Cafe “the best place for telecommuting in Groningen” and we rebuild the Launch Cafe to create even more space for entrepeneurs, freelancers and startups.

Launch Cafe in 1 minute