Directions and parking

Launch Cafe is located in the center of Groningen. In the Herestraat 106 to be exact. Our address details are as follows:


Would you rather not spend all day standing in the parkinggarage? Then use P+R arking lots which are located around the city (or public transport). It’s a 3 minute walk from the trainstation.


In the neighborhood their is good (paid) parking. There are three car parks in a radius of 300 meters.

Parking lot Museum Centrum – 225┬áplaces
Herepoortenmolendrift 2 – 9711 DG Groningen

Parking lot Rademarkt – 370┬áplaces
Rademarkt 27 – 9711 CS Groningen

Parking lot Bios – 800 places
Ruiterstraat 12 – 9711 CD Groningen.

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